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 How do you get unlimited bells in Animal Crossing?
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Inserito il - 16 ottobre 2021 : 07:26:59  Mostra Profilo Invia a Sellen un Messaggio Privato  Rispondi Quotando
Animal Crossing: New Horizons players know the importance of Bells in the game, so how can we get unlimited bells in the game? Next, ACItems will explain the specific method for everyone, also you can buy Animal Crossing Bells on it.

1. Set up a local multiplayer game. Both players need a controller to play. If you don't have a ready-made second controller, don't worry. When held horizontally, each Joy-Con can be used as a complete controller.

2. After entering the multiplayer game, the leader with the small yellow arrow mark needs to put down their cardboard box or table, and then put the Nintendo Switch on it.

3. Non-lead players need to rotate the box or table. This can be done by holding down the A key to grab the box/table and then pressing the analog joystick.

4. As it turns, the leader needs to try to pick up items. When you try to do this, the box or table needs to be tilted.

5. This should result in the leader seeming to put the item in the pocket, while the original item remains at the top of the box or table, still spinning. If you mess up, the item will be returned directly to your pocket and you can try again.

6. Continue to pick up as many items in your pocket as possible.

7. Once your pockets are full or you think you have done enough, go to the store to sell duplicate items. If you use a Nintendo Switch and the smallest possible inventory, this can still bring you more than 30,000 bells.

If you think this method is cumbersome and takes a lot of time, to save time, you can also choose a simple and fast way to get a lot of bells: buy Animal Crossing Bells at the ACItems website. We are a professional Animal Crossing website, providing you with the cheapest Bells and Items.

For more information about Animal Crossing Bells, please read:

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